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Aftershaves and Their Different Uses

An aftershave is sold in lotion or gel form. It is mainly used by men to thwart infect infections that could start from skin cuts right after shaving. Aftershaves contain antiseptic ingredients – alcohol, for instance – which provide antiseptic abilities. But even as this may be enough to make aftershaves a must for everyone who shaves, modern products are now infused with a lot more “features” besides disinfection.

First of all, if you check out aftershaves in stores or even online, you will find that they all contain some type of perfume. Regardless of the price of the product, it almost always has perfume in it to improve its scent. In fact, the perfume itself has now even become somewhat of a crucial component that shoppers look for. It has even become so important that several of these products have fashion designer names on them, such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, among many others.

Aside from perfume, aftershaves of today also contain moisturizers. As you probably know, moisturizers have a softening effect on freshly shaved skin, a benefit all shavers are looking for. These products are obviously no longer restricted to their original purpose.

In addition, packaging is among the things that make aftershaves different from one another. Of course, packaging itself will have no effect on how an aftershave can affect your skin. But somehow, when you like how your aftershave looks or feels, you tend to use it regularly instead of just leaving it in a corner of your dresser (this happens to many shavers).

In any case, an aftershave can come in handy for different people for different reasons. Some just want the scent of it while others are really looking for the antiseptic protection. No matter your reasons for buying an aftershave, make sure you get something that’s suitable for you. Be ready to do your homework. Understand your skin and know your options.

Finally, there’s the question on aftershaves being for everyone. So are they right for all people? Basically, the only people who shouldn’t use this product are those who have extremely sensitive skin, or are allergic to certain ingredients found in the product. Also, if you usually have breakouts on your skin, minimize your use of products to avoid clogging of pores. A cooling gel cream that moisturizes and soothes freshly shaved skin is a good alternative. Again, just a little research can help you determine which type and brand will work best for you, depending on your skin type. Pay attention to product reviews, but stick to independent consumer websites instead of marketing websites which are biased.

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